Sassy Slushy

Why choose Sassy Slush?

With your new machine, you will be ready to start selling yummy slush - so now you will need to shout about it... We have a range of point of sale to encourage customers into your store. We have posters, pavement signs and even flags available - because it's always Slush time!

82% PROFIT- more than chocolate or fizzy drinks!


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There's lots of money to be made! There is a huge growth in the UK slush market and you can have your share. You will make more than 82% profit on every slush that you sell.

No Risk!

There is no excuse for any risk when you buy a Sassy Slush machine. With any of our machines, you can buy our special Starter Bundle for only an extra £100, with enough stock to pay for your single or twin bowl machine in no time.

Your Choice!

Our machines - your choice! Sassy Slush machines are the very best on the UK market. You can choose between the EVOLUTION machine, which gives you a faster freeze down and huge energy savings, and the COMPACT machine, a great option for medium footfall - it's tried and tested and completely reliable.

Space Investment!

The best space investment! Your selling space is extremely valuable, so it's important to use it to its maximum profit potential. Your machine will only use a small amount of space as it makes its own product through the day - there is very little storage required. Slush is an impulse purchase, and will boost any sale. When compared to other impulse purchases, on average slush will return up to 4x more profit per square foot.