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Sassy Recycling

Using our very own fleet of transit vehicles, we are on hand to assist you when you find yourself with excess waste or waste that has been inconveniently fly tipped on your property or land. We also partner with a number of 3rd party subcontractors with a range of different vehicle and service options for you!

Did you know, according to the latest government report, for the 2018/19 year, local authorities in England dealt with over 1 million (1,072,000) fly-tipping incidents, an increase of 8% from the 998,000 reported in 2017/18.

Commercial Property

We can handle any of your waste requirements through our own fleet or our network of supply chain suppliers and we can react quickly to get you back operating again if it is preventing you from trading. Let us take away the headache if you have been fly tipped - we can quickly and efficiently remove the waste leaving you to run your business.

Or maybe you have you had a large stock delivery and now have an excess of packaging that you need removed. Cant wait for your scheduled waste collection from your scheduled waste provider. Let us get your area clear of waste so that you can continue to operate with no interruption.

Do you have a storage room full of old archive boxes that needs to be cleared and securely destroyed? We can attend and clear your valuable business space leaving you clear of the old confidential waste paper that you have. A full certificate of destruction will be provided to demonstrate full compliance.

Whatever your one off waste removal is, we can assist!

Domestic Households

We also provide our services to domestic households - have you found yourself clearing out all of your excess clutter, clearing out those spare rooms and garages and now have a pile of household items that you no longer want.

We can provide a safe contactless collection while you make the most of your new clear space! Leave the items outside and we will come by and collect them for you - working with local waste transfer stations, your waste will be sorted to provide a full recycling service for you.

We also work with local charity partners where they will take your old furniture and bulky items for re-use, what may be deemed rubbish by you, may be needed by someone else. They do say, one persons junk is another persons treasure.

Or maybe you are clearing your garden ready for the summer months ahead, rather than hiring a skip give us a call and we can help you take away the old clutter and green waste from your garden.

Whatever your requirements - we can help so just give us a call and we can recommend the best service for you!

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