Same Day Courier

For when it absolutely has to be there, we'll send our hand-picked couriers straight to your destination. Sassy Logistics SameDay is like a fourth emergency service: in just one click or phone call, we'll immediately send a courier to collect your parcel and take it straight to its destination.

Fast Direct Delivery - Straight from collection to delivery
Safe and Secure - Protect your important parcels
Instant Proof Of Delivery - Orders fulfilled on line

Why use Sassy Logistics SameDay?

It's fast and direct: your package goes straight from collection to delivery, with no extra stops
It's safe, reliable and secure - ideal for sensitive and fragile deliveries
It's flexible: you can choose from bikes, small vans and transits to match the size of your consignment
It's international: we deliver to destinations in the UK, Europe and beyond by land and air
It's trustworthy: you'll get instant proof of delivery, by email, SMS or a phone call
It's secure: every consignment is protected by £15k Goods in Transit insurance

Same Day Courier

*subject to volumes

Starting from: £10.00

Collection in under 60 minutes nationally
FREE first 10 minutes waiting/loading
Fully track, trace and immediate proof of delivery
FREE Good in Transit Insurance £15000 per consignment


Managing your eCommerce business can be tough, and as the orders start rolling in you want to know your stock is being looked after without any of the usual hassle.

That's where Sassy Fulfilment steps in. Managed by our unique despatch lab logistics tech, we'll maintain your online inventory, receive orders, pick and pack products and ship them off to their destination.

Integrated with online marketplaces like Shopify, Ebay, Amazon, Magneto and more, we'll help your grow your business with efficient, transparent and bespoke inventory, storage and delivery, so you can focus on the fun stuff

Why use Sassy Fulfilment?

It grow with your business: you can rent a few pallet spaces for a dozen shipments a month, or send thousands globally
It's local: with service centres across the UK, you can keep your stock close at hand
It's transparent: with despatch lab, you can keep a close eye on your inventory and deliveries
It's personal: we know the challenges of starting a small business, so we'll tailor a solution that works best for you
It's flexible: whether you want instant, same-day delivery or international shipping, we've got your covered


The tech that makes fulfilment and delivery easy, for you. despatchlab takes fulfilment and delivery to the next level. This smart solution lets you book, track and manage all your courier requirements, express parcels and shipments on one simple platform. But don't worry, this isn't a complicated tech platform—there's help at the end of the phone line to help make life easy for you!

Smart inventory, fulfilment and delivery

despatchlab is our digital logistics platform that lets you take fulfilment and delivery into your own hands with a single, customisable dashboard.

Subscription Box Fulfilment

*subject to volumes

Starting from: £1.00

Pick Fee
Goods Inward (per cubic metre)
Storage (per cubic metre)
eCommerce Integration Fee (per month)
Stock Management System

Standard Fulfilment

Starting from: £3.50 per week

Integration with eBay, Amazon, Shopify or Magento
Inbound Handling and stock put away
Domestic Economy Delivery
Domestic Next Day Delivery
Europe Economy Delivery
Europe Express Delivery
Quarterly Stocktakes

Overnight & International

Our Sassy Overnight & International service transports goods in the UK and across the world via road, air and sea. We connect you to carriers like TNT, DHL Parcel UK, Hermes, DHL, DX and more, with a multitude of delivery options managed by us. Fully integrated and online, we help you manage multiple shipments across multiple carriers, ensuring each delivery is efficient and cost-effective.

Whether you need domestic or international delivery, same day, next day or next week, we'll make sure your package gets to where it needs to go. Plus, you can keep a close eye on each delivery with real-time online booking, tracking and management options.

Why use Sassy Overnight & International?

It's fast: manual input shipment creation takes five seconds
It's trusted: with over 1000 corporate users
It makes life easier: with our helpful customer service, we'll do all the hard work for you
It's transparent: we'll communicate with carriers in real-time to deliver you unlimited information about shipping
It's mobile: you can keep track of delivery from your PC, laptop or tablet
It's tailored to you: our service is built around your exact shipping requirements
It's cost-effective: Automatic Best Performance Routing guarantees the most efficient delivery we can find

Express Parcel Tariff

*subject to volumes

Starting from: £ 2.70

72-48 Hour Economy (per packet)
Maximum weight - 1 Kilo
72-48 Hour Economy (per parcel)
Maximum weight - 15 Kilos
24 Hour (per parcel)
Maximum weight - 30 Kilos
24 Hour (per consignment)
Maximum weight - 25 Kilos